GPS Trigger Tech

Geo Location

The future of Augmented Reality is at its most exciting, we think, when it integrates with unexpected places.

We have been doing R&D so that we can take the AR story to any location – outside, in a forest, up a mountain, on a tram….

But there are still technical limitations, and we’re working hard to find workarounds, and push the boundaries of AR tech to allow smoother experiences. We need faster loading, better coverage, better accuracy, so that when you cross a geofence with your phone activated, the story and the AR images will load more smoothly.

When 5G can be utlilsed, all this will be much more effective, but whilst we are waiting for that, we need some some cutting edge R&D. That’s why we’re working with the European Space Agency, as an incubator company, using their space tech to improve the way satellite signals and earth observation can improve the way AR can be accessed. Using interactive maps, GPS trigger location, earth observation and other positioning technology, we are exploring how to take creative digital content to places never explored like this before.

We can use a variety of ways to locate story content, audio, visual and interactive characters, in places where culture and entertainment haven’t been found until now. We’re combining GPS trigger location, AR image scan technology, blue-tooth technology and projection motion-triggers. And we’re working with partner companies who specialise in mapping functionality so that our experiences can use interactive maps.