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Funded by the UK Foreign Office as part of FCDO’s Smart Cities campaign, for Turkish city, Bursa, with the help of PwC Turkey, who acted for Gazooky as our mediators on the ground – because this project was created during lockdown.
It’s a new type of tourist tool: an AR storyquest app, leading visitors around the Old Town of Bursa, using the power of story. Users can discover and collect beautiful 3D objects of heritage, learning about the cultural story of Bursa, before popping into the bazaar to take a cup of Turkish coffee.
And it’s multi-lingual – our developers programmed the app to be available in three languages: Turkish, English and Arabic – with three different UI interfaces.

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Accessible on both iOS and Android, we created both a GPS-triggered version, and an image-triggered tour.

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Users can locate mischievous AR 3D treasure chests, which appear overlaid on reality. And when you find the sneaky chests, you can activate them – that’s when bespoke 3D ceramics, swords, Turkish silk leap out of the chests.

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Users can easily share the images of their experience on social media.

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The app is designed to link users to the tourist venues, to retail outlets, and to the municipal website to promote footfall, and move users to places where tourism needs to be boosted.

We are really pleased with where this project has reached, especially given the timeframes. The app is slick, functional, good-looking, and the Bursa MM team looked very pleased. Thank you to you and your teams for the immense hard work – we are hugely impressed.

James Trinder, Senior Policy Advisor & Digital Trade Lead, Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
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