Multiplayer Team Coaching Toolkit

High performing teams don’t happen by magic. Unless that magic is

Gazooky have teamed up with KLA to create: Muster, a unique business team coaching toolklit.

It’s a multiplayer meta-playground for team development where teams gather to engage, learn, and grow together.

Harnessing the power of multiplayer game tech and creative multimedia, Muster provides teams with lots of features to help them become world-leading.

It’s secure and safe for clients with teams who are located remotely – we work with companies like Astra Zeneca, Kelloggs, and the Duchy of Cornwall, who have helped shape this amazing new service-product.

Team development isn’t a luxury: it’s a necessity.

Now, with Muster, every team can access it even if it is remote.

The world needs great leaders and strong teams. Muster uses pioneering technology to develop both

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Muster’s power is that it is a platform, with Voice and video chat, as well as being packed with useful multiplayer content for business coaching

Networked gamification so teams work on their projects at the same time in the same virtual spaces – with all the team effectiveness material they need to hand.

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Muster uses multiplayer games, team activities and dynamic real-time activities

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Games, surveys, team management tools, videos, and much more

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3D Environments, avatars, and AI to make it a unique and compelling virtual space for teams to grow and become high performing

“Thanks Gazooky for amazing creativity and technical prowess! We now have a trailblazing product! Traditional team building activities have required disruptive, expensive, and planet-unfriendly travel in order to gather people together in a physical location. Now, with Muster, teams can access these rich experiences virtually, regularly, and profitably, even if their members are spread across the globe. This is a lifeline for any team that takes its own development seriously. It enables remote teams to Play, Learn, Perform, and Prosper.”

Tim Lambert CEO, KLA

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