Opening up the world to everyone: GallARie

End-to-end connectivity solution, using AI, AR, and gamification

We’ve set up a spin-off company, Second-Stride for our unique product: Gallarie.

It’s a User-friendly Message Management System, combined with a network of accessible info-points.


o Easy as sending an email (drag-and-drop/copy-and-paste)
o Multiple location-specific messages
o AR creator: AI-assisted text-to-speech Augmented Reality characters
o Discoverability for websites and apps
o Safe and secure

Network of Info-points

o Using smartphones, end-users access network of geo-located Info-points,
o Fun activities and AR-games
o videos, AI-maps, infographics, gamification, storytelling
o Web-based or app
o Device-agnostic

Special Product Features
• No technical ability or coding required
• Drag and drop or link to files
• Cloud based system
• App or Web versions
• Experiences triggered by GPS and QR codes
• AI path-finder
• AI text to speech
• Multiple voices
• Multiple languages
• Animations, videos, text, links, tips, reminders, etc
• AR Gamification, storytelling, fun activities increasing uptake/onboarding
• Intelligence-Platform: Data-gathering/Machine-learning
• Multiple AR Characters can be placed anywhere


Train Travel
We are working with Avanti West Coast train operator, Stations and Network Rail to make travel easier and more accessible for disabled travellers passing through major travel hubs.

We are working with Kenya Airways and Heathrow Airport to develop GallARie as a live communication portal enabling traveller access to relevant, timely and helpful location based information.

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“It’s Effortless, Organic customer Engagement and Self-Marketing.”

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