30 December 2022 Rosemary Kay

Multiplayer Team Coaching Toolkit – Muster success!

A meta-playground for team development

Wecome to the world’s first multiplayer team coaching toolkit.

We’re celebrating the success of  Muster!

We’re delighted that it’s a great hit with global clients. Clearly there is a real need for this digital solution.

Muster is a Multiplayer Team Coaching Online Toolkit, co-created between Kay-Lambert Associates and Gazooky.

For decades, KLA have delivered fun, accessible and highly successful team coaching programmes to global clients. Thanks to KLA, some of the world’s best known international companies now have high performing teams. Because when times are tough, team development isn’t a luxury: it’s a necessity – if you want to compete on the world stage, you need the most efficient, the most creative, the most collaborative teams.cuatBut what if your teams are spread around the world and getting together is costing the earth – or you want a hybrid staffing solution, with staff working from home some of the time? How do you deliver meaningful team development sessions, when one person is in Stockholm, another in Toronto,  others are in Puerto Rico, or Shanghai? Platforms like Zoom or Teams have kept people connected but they don’t supply the same dynamic experience of the face-to-face sessions KLA run when everyone is together. How can you replicate that atmosphere of fun and connection and mutual team learning online?

Well, at Gazooky, our answer to this problem is multiplayer game technology. We had the idea of combining KLA’s expertise in powerful, creative business team coaching, with Gazooky’s technological know-how, which includes game tech, cloud tech, video conferencing tech, real-time 3D tech and immersive tech.

The result is a multiplayer platform called Muster.

It’s a meta-playground for team development where teams gather to engage, learn, and grow together –  with Voice and Video chat (without the delays and annoying glitches of other video conferencing platforms), as well as being packed with useful multiplayer content for business coaching.

This multiplayer team coaching toolkit provides teams with lots of features to help them become world-leading. We’ve made sure it captures the vibrancy and great atmosphere of KLA’s signature delivery, with luscious graphics and beautiful 3D environments, compelling games, and meaningful team development activities.

It’s secure and safe for clients with teams who are located remotely – we work with companies like Astra Zeneca, Kelloggs, and the Duchy of Cornwall, who have helped shape this amazing new service-product.And we have insisted it uses Gazooky’s signature standard of award winning quality throughout, from the seamless performance, to the high quality of the graphics and user experience. Because we know how important it is to make online gatherings as enjoyable and satisfying as possible, now more than ever. The world needs great leaders and strong teams. Muster uses pioneering technology and creativity to develop both.

Muster is a unique learning product – there are lots of learning software packages out there. But none of them have a dedicated VC platform which outperforms other platforms; and none of them have networked gamification so teams learn at the same time in the same virtual spaces. And none of them have all the playful KLA team effectiveness material and activities to hand: Muster uses multiplayer games, team activities and dynamic real-time exercises as well as games, surveys, team management tools, videos, 3D Environments, avatars, and even some AI, to make it a unique and compelling virtual space for teams to grow and become high performing.

The CEO of KLA, Tim Lambert, who has opened his box of business learning tricks, and pulled together great ways of making teams high performing, has been integral to Muster’s development. “Traditional team building activities have required disruptive, expensive, and planet-unfriendly travel in order to gather people together in a physical location. Now, with Muster, teams can access these rich experiences virtually, regularly, and profitably, even if their members are spread across the globe. This is a lifeline for any team that takes its own development seriously. It enables remote teams to Play, Learn, Perform, and Prosper.”

Because, as Tim says: High performing teams don’t happen by magic. Unless that magic is Muster.