6 July 2020 Rosemary Kay

European Space Agency collaboration


satellite, soyuz, spaceship


We’re delighted to  be one of the few companies to be taken on by the European Space Agency in their 2020 cohort of the ESA BIC programme. 

Sadly, we won’t be going into outer space any time soon, so we can’t play Buzz Aldrin just yet, but we will be testing out ESA satellite navigation systems, here on earth. It’s part of our latest R&D GPS trigger project, an AR storyquest around Manchester.

It means that we will be connected to some of the most exciting, innovative space tech companies in Europe, working with GPS specialists, as well as getting valuable support from STFC, to guide us and nuture us on our journey.

And areas of Manchester will be getting AR 3D content where it has never appeared before – stories, characters, information, news, history…all brought to life and triggered by European Space Agency technology.

The sky’s the limit…well actually, no, even the sky isn’t the limit any more….