15 April 2023 Rosemary Kay

AR photo experience, Magic Glass is Launched!

A new and exciting venue attraction has arrived...

We’re delighted that the launch of our latest product-service, Magic Glass, has created such an amazing response. We knew it would bring The WOW Factor To any Venue and we’re finding that it’s is really attractive for a whole range of customers – with football clubs really buying into it! Indeed, our first customer was a Premier League football club, using it in their VIP suite.


What is Magic Glass?

It’s an AR photo mirror, which provides users with a fun on-site experience. Users can take a selfie on a touch-screen, and then a character –  either a celebrity, famous sports person, or even a character from history – walks into your photo to pose with you. These can be animated, green-screen filmed or volumetric scanned content.

We developed the prototype originally, for The History Whisperer, an XR museum experience in Liverpool, and since then we’ve refined the experience so that it’s now really immersive – it really does feel as if someone famous is walking into your photo.





Where is it being used?


is designed for experiential venues that want to engage their users and amplify their brand, so it’s perfect for events, sports or music stadia, museums, festivals. It’s a great attraction for users, and brands are discovering how it can amplify their messages through sharing and promotion.



How it works:

Users follow a simple 3 step flow to engage with the experience.

First, you select the characters you want to take a photo with.

Then, wait for the countdown and strike a pose!

Finally, you can share directly to socials or email directly to the user.





Everton AR mirror demo showing someone pressing the screen and then the footballers walking into a photo

How the AR mirror works – choose your celebrity, wait for them to walk into your photo, then pose and share!



can drive a number of benefits for your customers.

It drives live engagement in any space

It can promote partner brands through branded photos – Optional sponsorship overlays can be applied to videos to allow brand and partner promotion.

It amplifies brands through social promotion

It allows customers to collect data and analyse footfall

Case Studies:

Case Study 1: The Museum Experience:

The first iteration was for Liverpool Culture, who used MagicGlass to engage attendees at the culmination of the immersive ‘The History Whisperer’ Story of Liverpool’ experience at UNESCO building St George’s Hall in Liverpool. After walking through an immersive courtroom and prison cell experience, visitors have the option to take a selfie with a character from the story, and share this on social media.

The MagicGlass experience gives users a wow moment, and a souvenir photo to remember their experience. Within a 4 week period, MagicGlass generated over 5000 twitter profile visits and 20,000 impressions for St George’s  Hall through viral sharing of the photos.

Case Study 2: The Football Club Experience:

MagicGlass is currently in place at a VIP sales suite for fans to purchase boxes and season tickets. Fans can take a selfie of themselves in the VIP suite, and then players, including the Manager, enter their photo and pose with them. The fan can then keep the photo as a memento of their time in the Suite. The club plans to roll the experience out into the stadium, to provide a point of fan engagement and brand awareness. Optional sponsorship overlays can be applied to videos to allow brand / partner promotion.

We’re hoping to have news soon about how Magic Glass will allows fans of films to engage with their favourite film star… watch this space for news from the Red carpet soon….