Gazooky Studios

We’re a team of software engineers, digital artists, film-makers and XR experience developers.

Using the power of story and transformative new technology to change the way we live work and play

At Gazooky Studios, we combine the transformative powers of art, technology, and story in  everyday lives and locations.

We work in any sector – because every sector can benefit from world class XR services, innovative digital products, and compelling stories. We’ve worked in film and TV, in education and corporate training, in health and wellbeing, in museums and galleries, in maritime industry, in tourism and in transport. But there are many ways that innovative technology can transform the way we live; and we want to work with enterprises to explore how to harness the power of the new.

We fuse cutting edge immersive technology, game tech, cinematic arts, experience design, and mixed reality technologies to create innovative and effective products and content for our clients.

But we also love to support digital transformation in other ways, empowering enterprises and communities to make their own changes, to use XR material in transformative ways, for instance by geolocating virtual material anywhere they want in the real physical world – we want everyone to be a creator in the metaverse!

We develop XR products and content to help our clients to reach their objectives, and encourage people to care about the things we care about: our environment, our health, our shared culture.

Gazooky Studios: CREATORS.

Dr. Rose Kay, trying to look Nana Mouscouri

Dr. Rose Kay

CEO and Creative Director

Monika portrait

Monika Koeck

Cinematographer and post-production, Cinetecture

Armin Aghili - the Elon Musk of Virtual

Armin Aghili

Technical Consultant

Daniel Szweda - as clever as Stephen Hawking, but no hair

Daniel Szweda

Technical Director

Sally penni image legal XR specialist bw

Dr Sally Penni

Legal XR Specialist