About Us

We’re a team of digital artists, film-makers and XR experience developers.

We’re Gazooky Studios

At Gazooky Studios, we work in any sector – because every sector needs compelling stories.

We fuse game, cinematic arts, experience design, and mixed reality technologies to create innovative and effective products and content for our clients.

We always try to develop XR content and products which encourage people to care about the things we care about:
our environment, our health, our shared culture, using the transformative powers of art, technology, and story in our everyday lives and locations…


Dr. Rose Kay

Dr. Rose Kay

CEO and Creative Director

Monika portrait

Monika Koeck

Cinematographer and post-production, Cinetecture

Armin Aghili

Armin Aghili

Technical Consultant

Daniel Szweda

Daniel Szweda

Technical Director


Philip Wood

John Philip Wood

Film Director