Storyfy AR

Imagine if you could enjoy filmic stories, not in cinemas but in a high street, park, forest, airport. Imagine if the storyworld was all around you, and you could interact with Augmented Reality 3D characters, talking to you, leading you from place to place.

What if you could enjoy an animated augmented reality film in your own home, not on a TV screen, or a playstation, but all around your house? If you could follow an animated character up your stairs, finding different scenes in your bedroom, your kitchen, with characters hiding in your shower, in a cupboard?

That’s what we’re developing. Interactive, cinematic stories spread throughout unusual places, cinema as you’ve never experienced it before.

Our Storyfy AR app is being developed to deliver AR stories to people in a variety of locations. At the moment, we are urgently working on AR stories that people can enjoy in their own homes, during lockdown. So children can follow story quests, like treasure hunts, activities to keep them stimulated and active, exploring every nook and cranny of your house (only places that you choose!) to find characters and scenes.

Being stuck inside shouldn’t have to mean being stuck in front of the TV or playstation all day….

That’s why we’re working flat out to get something into households which has never been there before: AR stories. If you’d like to help, by looking at the very rough prototype, then download the app, you’ll see a couple of prototype characters – the homeless donkey, who we used to get the message out about homelessness and rough sleeping in Manchester. And Incognito, the explorer, in search of the last other frog of his kind….

But the stories are coming soon, to homes near you.…

Download the app here:

Apple Store:
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The frog can be placed wherever you want with the tap of a finger.

We are exploring different ways to deliver this service. We would welcome your feedback about what works for you…

Nearly all phones now are AR-enabled. If you have an older style phone which is not factory-enabled for AR, you can enable it yourself. Follow this guidance:

If you want to check if your phone is AR-enabled, click here to see which devices support AR stories


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