13 March 2020 Rosemary Kay

Incognito Go Home… AR in-home storygame quests

Lockdown doesn’t have to feel like being trapped. Your home could be the portal to new worlds of wonder. …

Being in lockdown, it’s making us all creative –  or maybe making us go stir crazy. Kids especially are beginning to face cabin fever.

So we’ve been working on a little something to alleviate the frustrations, the boredom….

Imagine if you could enjoy an animated film in your own home, not on a TV screen, or a playstation, but all around you, around your home. Imagine if you could follow an animated character up your stairs, finding different scenes in your bedroom, your kitchen, with characters hiding in your shower, in a cupboard. Imagine if you were inside the world of the story, and you could interact with the Augmented Reality 3D characters, leading you from place to place.


Incognito Go Home is a new kind of home entertainment, to get you and your family exploring your house, balcony or garden in ways you never imagined. Being in lockdown won’t be quite so stifling, when you can get the kids to do a treasure hunt. But not the old type of treasure hunt which you may well have already exhausted. This is a hunt to find Augmented Reality characters and scenes around your own home, which will make up a filmic AR story. And you will be in control of it, right inside it.

We’re storytellers and film-makers so we want to tell brilliant cinematic stories which will make people laugh, cry and wonder. But we can use this technology to harness the storyteller in people stuck at home as well. You and your family could use the content we send you to make up your own stories. In fact, we’re even working on a bespoke service –  the idea is that people invent their own stories, send them to us, we animate them, pin them to images, and send them back to you – to create tailored AR storyworld treasure hunts of your own. So you can have your own AR story to play with in your locked-down household. In fact, we could even use your own voices to voice the animations. Imagine the fun of chasing through your own story, following animated characters, voiced by your own children.

You could use it for education too – so if you’re a parent suddenly thrown into home-tutoring, or a teacher, trying to reach your students remotely, AR in-home story-games are a powerful tool to stimulate people and engage them with educational material.

That’s what we’re working on right now.

So watch this space….

It’s empowering, creative and magical –  be part of the AR revolution, even whilst you have to say at home.