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Fantasia: XR on the railways

XR Storytelling On Trains

Fantasia was a ground-breaking project to create a AR train story, led by Meyouandus, in collaboration with Gazooky Studios (Immersive Storylab), East Coast LNER and AR specialists Corporation Pop. It tested out the technology to deliver story-based augmented content within and outside a moving rail carriage. The Fantasia Express and AR train kit was funded by the Department for Transport to explore innovation within the rail industry. It’s part of a ‘First of a Kind Innovate UK scheme’ looking at how mixed reality entertainment, education and information-delivery can be realised within transport of the future. Gazooky Studios developed the storyworld, characters, narrative dynamics and gameplay concepts for an experience that transported passengers into a world of imagination and wonder.

Designed to be accessible to any passenger travelling on the London to Edinburgh line, we developed a narrative arc which was satisfying, no matter where passengers got on and off, how long their journey was, or which direction they were travelling . The creative content was inspired by the landscape outside the window, so things and characters from the landscape outside might suddenly appear on the passengers table. This XR Train story really broke new ground, by exploring how mixed reality experience might be experienced as we travel at speed on public and private transport in the future.

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Fantasia Express

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