Interactive XR museum experience: The History Whisperer:

The History Whisperer

A moving multi-media experience:, moving audiences emotionally with powerful story and compelling characters, but also physically through the atmospheric spaces of the prison museum of St George’s Hall, in the heart of Liverpool.

This XR museum experience is a first-of-a -kind interactive digital visitor attraction, at Liverpool’s iconic landmark, St George’s Hall.

Gazooky Studios immerse audiences into a world where the past comes alive all around the audience – using holograms, interactive walls, music and projection.

Funded by DCMS, in collaboration with Liverpool Council, Music in Mind, CineTecture and Immersive Interactive, Gazooky combine the latest immersive technology, theatre, film, art, story, architecture and immersive soundscapes to create an unforgettable extended reality experience.

Audiences are led through the iconic UNESCO building, St George’s Hall, including the prison cells and the world famous courtrooms. We turn the architecture and every aspect of the building, including the floors and ceilings, into an atmospheric experience telling the compelling story of a twelve year old girl, alone in the city.
You can even take a photo of yourself to capture a memory of your experience. And just when you are about to take the photo, the little girl of the story walks out of the wall and stands next to you…

Extended reality and Augmented Reality combined with film and music as never before.

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The History Whisperer

Photos and trailer by Ant Clausen and Jack Ehlen

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“Please, please, repeat the experience. It needs to be seen!”

Angie Redhead, Head of Liverpool City Assets

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