European Space Agency Incubator R&D

European Space Agency Incubator: 3D modelling and AR geolocated app to promote the massively important work of Smart Green Shipping, makers of FastRig – aiming to save the planet by creating zero emission shipping.

In collaboration with space scientists from European Space Agency, and funded by ESA Incubator BIC, Gazooky Studios and Smart Green Shipping used space tech to push the boundaries of their respective R&D.

Gazooky Studios improved the accuracy of geolocated AR content, and Smart Green Shipping tested out how satellite signals could support their 21st century FastRig sails, so that carbon emission shipping can be as efficient and reliable as conventional fossil fuelled ships.

With the support of the European Space Agency BIC, and space scientists, Gazooky Studios were delighted to team up with Smart Green Shipping (also an ESA Incubator company), who make FastRigs, which convert ships from diesel-spewing polluters into wind-assisted 21st century vessels.

We made 3D models of the FastRigs, and created an AR geolocated app, as a demonstrator – to raise awareness of the new innovations, and to encourage more investment in this highly necessary planet-saving invention.

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Promotional video, launched at Cop26, to demonstrate the environment-saving features of Smart Green Shipping’s innovations. Investment in this invention is urgent…

Smart Green Shipping promotional video by PixelMill, with Gazooky 3D models, highlighting why wind-assist ships are imperative if we are to slow the global warming caused by shipping.

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Gazooky Studios Augmented Reality 3D model of the Fastrig, in a custom app, demonstrating how these inventions would work to cut carbon emissions, and convert a conventional ship.

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Gazooky’s AR app allows you to walk on the deck of the ship, and see the amazing Fastrigs up close.

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The AR app allows users to examine the mechanisms – the Fastrigs automatically fold down for unloading, going under bridges…

“Thank you, Gazooky Studios. We can only hope to resolve the climate crisis when we all work together. Thanks for being part of this Alliance of the Willing…”

Diane Gilpin. CEO Smart Green Shipping.

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