10 March 2022 Rosemary Kay

Digital Awards Event for good

How to celebrate the awards event in a disturbed world.

So I am sorting out my outfit for the Digital Awards tonight. The invitation insisted it was a dressing up do.

It seems wrong somehow, to go to a celebratory event tonight, when there is so much in the world that we can’t celebrate. Countries being invaded by aggressive neighbours, the climate crisis, women in Afghanistan not being allowed to work and study… But when you’re up for a Digital Award, (Best Small Digital Company at the Digital Cities Festival) it would be rude not to celebrate the work of all the nominees, wouldn’t it?

And part of the reason we’ve been nominated is because we are trying to use our digital and creative capabilities to make a difference. Like the Sustainability Tracker we’ve developed, to encourage the behaviour of businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Or our digital twins of the amazing invention by Smart Green Shipping reducing carbon emissions in the maritime industry. Or the AR storyquests which get people out in the fresh air, sharing storygames together, communing with their shared spaces and our precious environment.

So I will use the opportunity to celebrate all the good that is being done in the world with creative digital tech. We won’t forget all the people fighting in other ways to make the world a better place, whilst we are clapping all the worthy winners; but we will celebrate together. And tomorrow we will get back to work, developing solutions with all our collaborators….

Good luck to all the nominees!


UPDATE!! We got a Commendation: Best Small Digital Business – what a result!