10 June 2024 Rosemary Kay

AR Museum Launch

History Whisperer#2 opens - an Immersive, first of a kind experience, where characters from history come alive.

Gazooky Studios have completed Phase 2 of the astonishing immersive heritage attraction at St George’s Hall in Liverpool.

The History Whisperer, a unique digital experience, uses the latest technology and award-winning storytelling to bring to life events from the early days of St George’s Hall and beyond. Using cutting edge Augmented Reality and game technology, the experience shows the magnificent Grade I listed building, which opened in 1854 in all its glory, whilst giving visitors a visceral sense of life for the poorer classes.

If you were rich, you went to sumptous balls and enjoyed multi-course banquets in the Grand Hall. If you were poor, you often ended up in the building’s prison cells before appearing before the judge. Harsh judgments were meted out in the atmospheric court room, such as being sent to the other side of the world, for the crime of stealing a handkerchief! And it is all brought to life in wonderful moments throughout the building.


In this multi-media, digital experience, real people from the past suddenly come to life, to tell you their stories; voices echo from the past; and you can delve deep into the horrors and touching moments of history, just by touching the walls.

With Phase 2 of The History Whisperer, Gazooky Studios, with partners Immersive Interactive and Monika Koeck, Cinectecture, introduce visitors to the stories behind the engineering wonder of the building’s air conditioning system, the first of its kind in the world. A gruff and entertaining Victorian Warder leads you through a labyrinth of pipes, vaults, and shafts, revealing an expansive underground space rarely seen by the public.

Gazooky’s mix of great storytelling and technical prowess has created an exciting blend of immersive technologies, augmented reality, quizzes, beautiful videography, touchscreen walls, specially commissioned soundscapes, music, and games.


The visitor experience has been enhanced by the addition of GallARie, a unique tool which gives visitors access to augmented reality characters who talk to you on their mobile devices. Even better, the heritage staff at St George’s Hall can readily update and modify the stories and voices at the click off a button.

GallARie is a sophisticated yet simple to use content management system which uses a combination of GPS signals and QR codes to bring live content to users. Accessed via smart devices without the need to download an app, Gallarie is an accessible and stimulating way to enhance the visitor experience by providing additional entertainment, information and engagement with historical characters.

It’s use as part of the History Whisperer experience is being positively received by everyone. Indeed, the analytics behind the system show that visitors take the experience home with them, and try it again – as far afield as Denmark, France, Spain, Germany, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, USA and Australia.

It’s great that the stories of people who began life in Liverpool’s St George’s Hall are being enjoyed all around the world!